Kahu Youth provides programs, activities, events and a fun, safe, base for young people aged 11 to 24 in the Upper Clutha Region, New Zealand. We are a charitable trust with two full-time and three part-time youth workers who work in and out of our base called ‘The Crib’. Kahu Youth is governed by a board of trustees who meet monthly. Our youth workers run programs that cover a range of interests that involve members and resources local resources and members of the Upper Clutha community.

Kahu Youth receives a huge amount of support from the community and relies on grants and fundraising for rent, wages, food and administrative costs and the funds to provide exciting and varied activities and programs.

Mission Statement
Kahu Youth engages with Upper Clutha Youth by involving them in productive, learning and fun activities and programs so they can connect to the wider community and continue to build life skills, increase self-esteem and build confidence.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Youth deserve to be acknowledged for the crucial role they play as valued members of the community.
  • The contributions of young people need to be acknowledged and valued by adults and the community in general
  • Youth have inherent value and wish to stamp their mark on their community
  • Youth need to be provided with positive channels in which to do so ·
  • Youth need to be heard, and need a way in which to communicate positively