Larissa belongs to Nga Puhi way up in the far north but was raised in Wellington by her beautiful mum & her very british family. 

She had many different interests during her own time at high school including drama, cheerleading, debate, design, skateboarding & snowboarding. In year 11, she spent the summer organising extras on the TV show ‘The Tribe’ which contributed $50k towards her drama trip to Europe. This trip certainly fuelled her love for travel, exploring other cultures & solidified her belief in her ability to manifest dreams into reality.

As an adult, she has continued to travel. She particularly LOVED the confrontation & culture shock of India & will always have a soft spot for Ohakune where she first fell in love with snowboarding. She has studied & worked in Fashion (Design, Sewing construction & Pattern Drafting), Yoga & Ayurveda, Business (HR, Management & Accounting) & Hospitality. Most recently, she worked in a local accounting firm before opening Ode Conscious Dining with her partner Lucas.
Her journey with Kahu Youth is a new & exciting direction for her – She felt compelled to transition from a career of selling people things, to one where she can use her life experience & passion for wellbeing to help others grow, thrive & learn to navigate their lives. Kahu Youth provides a platform for her to connect with local youth & help them explore their own sense of identity, their own intrinsic values, develop self love & acceptance & bridge the gap between who they are & who they want to be.