Emma (she/her) is a kiwi reigning from the Wop-Wops of the west coast of Northern Waikato, and was schooled in Auckland where she spent most of her time coaching and playing competitive netball, rowing, and track & field. Leaving school she attended Auckland University and obtained a degree in Event Management, and has a further qualification in Environmental Management. As soon as she graduated she made the move to San Francisco, and then spent just under a decade working on and off in areas such as New Hampshire, New York, California and Norway. 

Emma has a strong passion for the outdoors, and often spends her time off in the beautiful backcountry of the South Island. She believes the connection between nature and a person’s wellbeing is powerfully intertwined, which is why she loves creating opportunities for the youth to connect, explore, grow and play in social and safe environments. 

Wanaka has become home for Emma, after moving here for the Covid-19 Lockdown. She fell in love with the supportive community and the easy access to the most magnificent national parks, and has since been able to ply her trade and expertise as a passionate youth worker and hiking guide with the wonderful youth of Wanaka. The best part of Emma’s day is hearing the youths’ stories.

LOVES: Eggs, House plants, Africa, Coffee, & Maps

HATES: Bananas, Flies, Strong wind, Unsalted peanuts & Fruit in salad.