Sam’s background has always involved kids and fun. She has a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Programming for Conestoga College and two partial degrees in Sport Science and Recreation for York University and The University of Waterloo. She started off programming for summer camps in her home province of Ontario, then followed her passion for snow out to the Rockies in British Columbia. Five ski seasons later, she was teaching preschool and skiing during the school year and programming for a summer camp in the summer. Her love for adventure and travel has taken Sam all round Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the US and to Australia where she lived for 2.5 years. Sam was missing the snow, so she traded her swimmers for her snowboard and moved over the Tasman to Wanaka. She has taught preschool here for the past 2 years, but recently became a resident (YAY!) and decided to re-enroll in university to follow her passion for recreation and sport and finish her degree at Lincoln University. With this, trading in her teaching hat to become a youth worker was the natural progression. You may catch Sam on the slopes, tramping in the backcountry or cruising on her paddleboard. Sam can’t wait to introduce the youth of Wanaka to her passions and encourage them to try something new! Reconnecting with the youth community has allowed Sam to focus on her future goals, to teach high school, inspiring the youth of tomorrow to make positive change, challenge social norms and have a voice!