Angie works part-time with us, after returning from maternity leave. She worked as our other full-time youth worker for 7 years before that.

Angie grew up on the island of Anglesey, North Wales. Her first experience working with youth was as a swimming coach in America for a summer camp when she was 18. She studied Sports Science at Surrey University in the South of England for two years before travelling and working in many different countries. Her experiences travelling, especially the people she met made her realise that her passion lies with helping others in the community, especially youth. 

In March 2007 she arrived in Auckland to explore New Zealand travelling as far north as she could all the way to Stewart Island. Arriving in Wanaka for a winter season in 2007 she instantly fell in love with the place and knew that she wanted to make Wanaka her home. She began getting involved with the local community as much as possible, first by beginning a girl’s mountain biking club.

Angie also began volunteering for St John as a first aider, which she did with pride for over two years. She became a New Zealand resident in July 2010 and when the opportunity to work at Kahu Youth came up shortly after she knew instantly that it was her dream job: working with youth, helping the community and using all the skills that she has acquired throughout her education and experience.